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Category: Radio Replacement

Product Overview
Radio Replacement Interface with SYNC® retention for Select Ford/Lincoln/Mercury Vehicles

MSRP: $249.95

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Compatibility Notes
  • Aftermarket radio MUST have an auxiliary input in order for the SYNC audio to be heard
  • Not compatible in vehicles equipped with navigation
  • Vehicles equipped with a radio that has an internal satellite radio tuner will not be able to retain the factory satellite radio
  • 2011 Vehicles require revision or higher
  • Must be revision or higher to retain Ford "MyKey" features

Product Revision History

Current Revision #: Description: Improved general functionality

Revision #: Description: Fixes issues seen in some 2011 Super Duty trucks where radio will not shut down after key is cycled off

Revision #:    Description: Adds Ford "MyKey" support & allows programming of "Voice", "OK" & "Phone" SWC buttons when Sirius and  SYNC are disconnected in the 2011 Ford Super Duty

Revision #:    Description: Adds 2011 Super-Duty compatibility, Improves general functionality

Revision #:    Description: Initial Release

Product Status

Product Description
  • The MS-FRD1 interface allows the replacement of a factory radio in select Ford/Lincoln/Mercury vehicles. The MS-FRD1 will maintain operation of the SYNC® system in vehicles with Sony®, THX®, Audiophile® & Shaker® audio systems & also audio systems without external amplifiers . The MS-FRD1 allows audio from the SYNC® system to play through the aftermarket radios auxiliary input. This interface will also retain an external factory Sirius Satellite Radio tuner as well as Rear Seat Entertainment. SYNC® or the factory Sirius tuner can be controlled from the Steering Wheel Controls or from the seperate multi-function LCD display.

Product Features
  • Retains all functions of SYNC® including:
    • Voice Recognition Music Search
    • USB
    • iPod
    • Auxiliary Input
    • Streaming Bluetooth Audio
    • Bluetooth Phone
    • Turn-by-Turn Navigation
    • 911 Assist
    • Vehicle Health Report
  • Retains Factory Satellite Radio (Must be external)
  • Retains Standard, Audiophile®, Shaker®, THX®, and Sony® Amplified systems
  • Retains all Steering Wheel Controls (SWI required; sold seperately)
  • Retains Rear Seat Entertainment and Rear Seat Controls
  • Provides all necessary outputs for Standard or Navigation radio installations

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FordF-2502011Radio ReplacementMS-FRD1
FordF-2502012Radio ReplacementMS-FRD1
FordF-3502009Radio ReplacementMS-FRD1
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FordF-3502011Radio ReplacementMS-FRD1
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FordF-4502009Radio ReplacementMS-FRD1
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FordFusion2012Radio ReplacementMS-FRD1
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FordMustang2011Radio ReplacementMS-FRD1
FordMustang2012Radio ReplacementMS-FRD1
FordMustang2013Radio ReplacementMS-FRD1
FordTaurus2010Radio ReplacementMS-FRD1
FordTaurus2011Radio ReplacementMS-FRD1
FordTaurus2012Radio ReplacementMS-FRD1
LincolnMKS2009Radio ReplacementMS-FRD1
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LincolnMKZ2012Radio ReplacementMS-FRD1
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