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Peripheral Part No: GMCOL11
Category: Radio Replacement

Product Overview
Radio Replacement Interface for Select General Motors Vehicles without On-StarĀ®

MSRP: $119.95

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Compatibility Notes
  • Does not retain OnStar. For OnStar retention please use the OS-311 (Exception Saturn Ion. OnStar cannot be retained in this vehicle)

Product Revision History

Current Revision #: 1.4a.7    Description: Minor hardware change & firmware performance update

Revision #: 1.4.6a    Description:

Product Status

Product Description
  • Facilitates replacement of a factory radio while retaining all factory safety warning chimes and audible turn signal indicators. Compatible with amplified and non-amplified audio systems.

Product Features
  • Retains all safety warning chimes
  • Amplifier turn-on output wire
  • Provides 10-minute RAP accessory output
  • Single wire output for steering wheel control module
  • Compatible with all audio system levels

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ChevroletCobalt2007Radio ReplacementC2R-GM11
ChevroletCobalt2008Radio ReplacementC2R-GM11
ChevroletCobalt2009Radio ReplacementC2R-GM11
ChevroletCobalt2010Radio ReplacementC2R-GM11
ChevroletHHR2006Radio ReplacementC2R-GM11
ChevroletHHR2007Radio ReplacementC2R-GM11
ChevroletHHR2008Radio ReplacementC2R-GM11
ChevroletHHR2009Radio ReplacementC2R-GM11
ChevroletHHR2010Radio ReplacementC2R-GM11
ChevroletHHR2011Radio ReplacementC2R-GM11
ChevroletMalibu2008Radio ReplacementC2R-GM11
ChevroletMalibu2009Radio ReplacementC2R-GM11
ChevroletMalibu2010Radio ReplacementC2R-GM11
ChevroletMalibu2011Radio ReplacementC2R-GM11
ChevroletMalibu2012Radio ReplacementC2R-GM11
PontiacG52007Radio ReplacementC2R-GM11
PontiacG52008Radio ReplacementC2R-GM11
PontiacG52009Radio ReplacementC2R-GM11
PontiacSolstice2006Radio ReplacementC2R-GM11
PontiacSolstice2007Radio ReplacementC2R-GM11
PontiacSolstice2008Radio ReplacementC2R-GM11
PontiacSolstice2009Radio ReplacementC2R-GM11
SaturnAura2007Radio ReplacementC2R-GM11
SaturnAura2008Radio ReplacementC2R-GM11
SaturnAura2009Radio ReplacementC2R-GM11
SaturnIon2007Radio ReplacementC2R-GM11
SaturnSky2007Radio ReplacementC2R-GM11
SaturnSky2008Radio ReplacementC2R-GM11
SaturnSky2009Radio ReplacementC2R-GM11
SaturnSky2010Radio ReplacementC2R-GM11