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Peripheral Part No: CHYRAP
Category: Radio Replacement

Product Overview
Radio Replacement Interface for Non-Amplified Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep Vehicles

MSRP: $79.95

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Compatibility Notes
  • Only compatible when removing an REF, REC, RAQ, and RAK Series radio. This will be indicated on the front of the factory radio.
  • Does not retain VES
  • Does not retain uConnect
  • Does not retain factory amplifiers

Product Revision History

Current Revision #: 1.4a.3    Description:

Product Status

Product Description
  • Provides data controlled illumination and timed accessory outputs for adding a non-navigation radio into a Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep vehicle.

Product Features
  • Keeps Data-Bus Intact for Vehicle Service & Emissions Testing
  • Data controlled RAP accessory output wire
  • Data controlled illumination output wire

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Chrysler3002005Radio ReplacementC2R-CHYNA
Chrysler3002006Radio ReplacementC2R-CHYNA
Chrysler3002007Radio ReplacementC2R-CHYNA
ChryslerAspen2007Radio ReplacementC2R-CHYNA
ChryslerPT Cruiser2007Radio ReplacementC2R-CHYNA
ChryslerPT Cruiser2008Radio ReplacementC2R-CHYNA
DodgeCaliber2006Radio ReplacementC2R-CHYNA
DodgeCaliber2007Radio ReplacementC2R-CHYNA
DodgeCaliber2008Radio ReplacementC2R-CHYNA
DodgeCaliber2009Radio ReplacementC2R-CHYNA
DodgeCharger2005Radio ReplacementC2R-CHYNA
DodgeCharger2006Radio ReplacementC2R-CHYNA
DodgeCharger2007Radio ReplacementC2R-CHYNA
DodgeDurango2004Radio ReplacementC2R-CHYNA
DodgeDurango2005Radio ReplacementC2R-CHYNA
DodgeDurango2006Radio ReplacementC2R-CHYNA
DodgeDurango2007Radio ReplacementC2R-CHYNA
DodgeMagnum2005Radio ReplacementC2R-CHYNA
DodgeMagnum2006Radio ReplacementC2R-CHYNA
DodgeMagnum2007Radio ReplacementC2R-CHYNA
DodgeRam2006Radio ReplacementC2R-CHYNA
DodgeRam2007Radio ReplacementC2R-CHYNA
DodgeRam2008Radio ReplacementC2R-CHYNA
JeepCompass2007Radio ReplacementC2R-CHYNA
JeepGrand Cherokee2005Radio ReplacementC2R-CHYNA
JeepGrand Cherokee2006Radio ReplacementC2R-CHYNA
JeepGrand Cherokee2007Radio ReplacementC2R-CHYNA
JeepPatriot2007Radio ReplacementC2R-CHYNA