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Category: Radio Replacement

Product Overview
RadioPro Radio Replacement Interface With Built In OnStar Retention, Pre-Programmed Steering Wheel Control Retention and Navigation Outputs

MSRP: $279.95

Check Compatibility Notes Below

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Compatibility Notes
  • 2015 + Colorado/Canyon must use Revision 1.1.4 and Vehicle Settings revision 2.0.7
  • 2015 + Tahoe/Suburban/Yukon must use Revision 1.1.3 or higher and Vehicle Settings revision 2.0.6 or higher. You must use Interface Updater 2.0 to update an RP5-GM51.
  • Does not retain RSE system
  • 2014 Vehicles: Only compatible with 1500 series trucks. 2500 & 3500 series trucks equipped with non-navigation radios must use the RP5-GM31. 2500 & 3500 series trucks equipped with navigation radios must use the RP5-GM32
  • Vehicles equipped with the LG 7" radio must also use the RP5-GM52-HAR. If you are not sure if the vehicle is equipped with this radio, look for the build codes "IOA" or  "IOB" on the silver sticker in the glovebox. If these codes are presentm the GM52 harness is needed.
  • Does not retain Bose amplifier. Information on how to bypass the factory amp is included in the instructions
  • Does not retain steering wheel control backlighting
  • PAC-UP required to configure vehicle settings

Check for the latest firmware

Product Revision History

Current Revision #: 1.1.6     Description: Added 2016/2017 vehicle compatibility  Release Date: 3-20-17

Revision #: 1.1.4     Description: Changed nav wire colors in harness  Release Date: 5-4-16

Current Revision #: 1.1.4     Description: Adds Alpine VR Command, Adds Colorado & Canyon  Release Date: 2-13-15

Revision #: 1.1.3     Description: Adds 2015 Tahoe/Suburban/Yukon Compatibility. Resolves OnStar issue when rotary switch set to 0.  Release Date: 05-06-14

Revision #: 1.1.2     Description: Initial release  Release Date: 10-25-13

Product Status

Product Description
  • An all in one radio replacement and SWC interface, the innovative new RadioPRO5 comes pre-loaded with OnStar retention, SWC software, navigation based output signals and other features that save time and money during installation.

Product Features
  • Retains OnStar Telematics system
  • Retains factory WiFi system
  • Retains front and rear park assist
  • Retains all warning chimes (chime module included)
  • Retains OEM Auxiliary Input
  • Data controlled outputs for connection to your navigation radio; speed, reverse and E-brake status output wires
  • Retains original steering wheel control functions with the new radio with no additional interface or programming needed
  • Data controlled RAP accessory output
  • Works right out of the box with most radio brands
  • Keeps vehicle data-bus intact for service
  • Interface can be quickly updated if needed from the PAC website using a PAC-UP USB adapter

ChevroletCamaro2016Radio ReplacementRP5-GM51
ChevroletCamaro2017Radio ReplacementRP5-GM51
ChevroletColorado2015Radio ReplacementRP5-GM51
ChevroletColorado2016Radio ReplacementRP5-GM51
ChevroletColorado2017Radio ReplacementRP5-GM51
ChevroletCruze2016Radio ReplacementRP5-GM51
ChevroletCruze2017Radio ReplacementRP5-GM51
ChevroletImpala2014Radio ReplacementRP5-GM51
ChevroletImpala2015Radio ReplacementRP5-GM51
ChevroletImpala2016Radio ReplacementRP5-GM51
ChevroletImpala2017Radio ReplacementRP5-GM51
ChevroletMalibu2016Radio ReplacementRP5-GM51
ChevroletMalibu2017Radio ReplacementRP5-GM51
ChevroletSilverado2014Radio ReplacementRP5-GM51
ChevroletSilverado2015Radio ReplacementRP5-GM51
ChevroletSilverado2016Radio ReplacementRP5-GM51
ChevroletSilverado2017Radio ReplacementRP5-GM51
ChevroletSuburban2015Radio ReplacementRP5-GM51
ChevroletSuburban2016Radio ReplacementRP5-GM51
ChevroletSuburban2017Radio ReplacementRP5-GM51
ChevroletTahoe2015Radio ReplacementRP5-GM51
ChevroletTahoe2016Radio ReplacementRP5-GM51
ChevroletTahoe2017Radio ReplacementRP5-GM51
ChevroletTrax2017Radio ReplacementRP5-GM51
GMCAcadia2016Radio ReplacementRP5-GM51
GMCAcadia2017Radio ReplacementRP5-GM51
GMCCanyon2015Radio ReplacementRP5-GM51
GMCCanyon2016Radio ReplacementRP5-GM51
GMCCanyon2017Radio ReplacementRP5-GM51
GMCSierra2014Radio ReplacementRP5-GM51
GMCSierra2015Radio ReplacementRP5-GM51
GMCSierra2016Radio ReplacementRP5-GM51
GMCSierra2017Radio ReplacementRP5-GM51
GMCYukon2015Radio ReplacementRP5-GM51
GMCYukon2016Radio ReplacementRP5-GM51
GMCYukon2017Radio ReplacementRP5-GM51