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Category: Radio Replacement

Product Overview
Radio Replacement Interface With Navigation Outputs for Select Volkswagen Vehicles

MSRP: $129.99

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Compatibility Notes
  • 2011 Jetta: Does not currently provide a reverse output trigger
  • 2010+ Vehicles: The C2R-VW2 does not retain the digital amplifier in Dynaudio systems
  • 2012+ Vehicles: The C2R-VW2 does not retain the digital amplifier in Fender systems
  • 2002-2005 Vehicles: In these year vehicles the C2R-VW2 does not provide a Reverse output trigger. This signal is unavailable on the data bus. You must be replacing a factory Double-DIN radio. If the vehicle came equipped with a Single-DIN radio, the C2R-VW2 is not compatible.
  • 2004-2007 Touareg: Does not retain digital audio amplified system seen when the vehicles is equipped with factory navigation radio

Steering Wheel Control Notes

We strongly recommend that vehicles equipped with SWC use the RP4-VW11

2002-2005 vehicles (excludes Touareg)

  • Can only program volume up & down.

 2006-2010 vehicles with Eight button SWC (excludes Touareg)

  • Can program volume up & down, phone button and star button without effecting Multi-Function Display (MFD). Arrow up & down can be programmed but will control MFD.

 2009-2010 vehicles with 12 button SWC (excludes Touareg)

  • Can program left hand side of steering wheel volume up & down, track left & right, phone and mute buttons without effecting MFD. Arrow up & down on right side can be programmed but will control MFD.

 2004-2010 Touareg

  • Can only program volume up & down


Product Revision History

Current Revision #: 1.1.2b Description: Resolves possible intermittent lockup of the interface

               Revision #: 1.1.2    Description: Initial Release

Product Status

Product Description
  • Provides navigation trigger wires and timed accessory output for replacing the factory radio and retains the factory installed amplified audio system. Use with a steering wheel interface module to retain function of select factory controls (Please see the compatibility notes section for further details).

Product Features
  • Keeps Data-Bus Intact for Vehicle Service & Emissions Testing
  • Built in SWI-CAN
  • Data controlled RAP accessory output wire
  • Data controlled parking brake wire
  • Data controlled reverse trigger wire
  • Data controlled vehicle speed sense wire
  • Data controlled illumination output wire
  • Retains factory-installed amplifier (select vehicles; see Compatibility Notes)

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VolkswagenGolf2003Radio ReplacementC2R-VW2
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VolkswagenGolf2005Radio ReplacementC2R-VW2
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VolkswagenJetta2007Radio ReplacementC2R-VW2
VolkswagenJetta2008Radio ReplacementC2R-VW2
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VolkswagenPassat2003Radio ReplacementC2R-VW2
VolkswagenPassat2004Radio ReplacementC2R-VW2
VolkswagenPassat2005Radio ReplacementC2R-VW2
VolkswagenPassat2006Radio ReplacementC2R-VW2
VolkswagenPassat2007Radio ReplacementC2R-VW2
VolkswagenPassat2008Radio ReplacementC2R-VW2
VolkswagenPassat2009Radio ReplacementC2R-VW2
VolkswagenPassat2010Radio ReplacementC2R-VW2
VolkswagenPassat2011Radio ReplacementC2R-VW2
VolkswagenPassat2012Radio ReplacementC2R-VW2
VolkswagenPassat2013Radio ReplacementC2R-VW2
VolkswagenPassat2014Radio ReplacementC2R-VW2
VolkswagenRabbit2006Radio ReplacementC2R-VW2
VolkswagenRabbit2007Radio ReplacementC2R-VW2
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VolkswagenTouareg2004Radio ReplacementC2R-VW2
VolkswagenTouareg2005Radio ReplacementC2R-VW2
VolkswagenTouareg2006Radio ReplacementC2R-VW2
VolkswagenTouareg2007Radio ReplacementC2R-VW2
VolkswagenTouareg2008Radio ReplacementC2R-VW2
VolkswagenTouareg2009Radio ReplacementC2R-VW2
VolkswagenTouareg2010Radio ReplacementC2R-VW2